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Back Woods Distillery

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A love of whisky, science and craftiness evolved into Back Woods Distillery. A culmination of mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing and bottling… all happens at our craft distillery, based in the beautiful back woods of Tennessee.

Since 1842

A love of whisky…

science and craftiness

Handcrafted Rye and Single Malt whiskies. We source 100% farmed and malted grains from our local region. We mature our whisky in a diverse selection of barrels, all of which have previously held local products, including whisky, red or fortified wines.

2020 Single Malt. Aged 12 Years

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Refining Since 1842

bringing friends and family together over a boutique drink

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12 Year Single Malt

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21 Year Single Malt

Generation Old Whiskeys

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Opened doors to host visitors for tastings and sales at our distillery.

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